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When can you file your I-485 Adjustment of Status Application (green card)?

Don’t forget to check whether you can use the “Dates for Filing Applications” date or the “Final Action Dates” date – here.

If you have questions about when you can file your AOS application, please click on this link to schedule a consultation with Attorney Lauren Ransford at a convenient time.

Questions about Work Permits

Generally, people can apply for a permit to work in the United States if they are in one of the specific eligibility categories, such as having a pending application for adjustment of status (green card application) or asylum, being a refugee or asylee (approved case), or having a type of visa in the United States that allows them to apply for a work permit. There is no “standalone” work permit that can be applied outside of an eligibility category. Please consult with an immigration attorney about your specific situation before applying for a work permit.

Domestic Violence

Pro Bono Assistance

These organizations may be able to provide pro bono (free) or low cost legal assistance:

Immigration Court Case Status

If you have a pending immigration court case, please talk with an immigration attorney as soon as possible. There are serious consequences for failing to appear at a hearing in your case, such as the judge issuing a removal/deportation order even though you were not there (in absentia). Check the status of a pending immigration court case here: